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Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

SH iapm mall, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Amit came into yoga world in 2004, while he was playing football match in ground. He saw there was a yoga competition and many competitors were performing difficult yoga poses. He was surprised how human body can be flexible like this. After performed they got some medals and prizes. Amit was excited to practise yoga and wanted to win prizes. So he immediately joined yoga at Karmakar Institute of Yoga. In the beginning he was so inflexible and he was also not able to do many yoga poses. His classmates told him that he can't win in any competitions. Amit took their words as challenge and started practising everyday with determination. He finally mastered in asana, got championships and won lots of medals under the guidance of Professor Baishali Champathy Karmakar and Professor Prabir Karmakar. As time passed, Yoga became his passion so he decided to teach yoga so he can give healthy and happy life to people. According to Amit: Yoga is the key of happiness, it purifies our external body as well as internal, and will make us know how our life can be healthier and more beautiful. In 2011, Amit started to study at Bihar School of Yoga with guidance of Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati. It was a great moment for him to learn deep knowledge about yoga from Swami Ji. He lived there with Indian traditional Yogic life style. In 2014, Amit was the participant of World Yoga Convention at Bihar School of Yoga with Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati. That was regarded as an achievement of him. In 2016, it was the luckiest time for him because he was selected by Kaivlyadhama Yoga Institute, one of the oldest and most traditional school of yoga in the world, offering the master class for yoga teachers. He met Professor O.P. Tiwari and learned deep knowledges about anatomy, physiology and pranayama. Amit hopes that he can give students what yoga has given to him: serenity, calmness and open receptive heart. His classes are filled with challenges and creativity. His classes are for all level of practitioners, mainly focus in alignments, awareness and relaxation. He hopes to teach students that yoga is not just a physical practice but it's a lifestyle. The patience, strength and discipline learned on the mat can applies to all aspects in life off the mat. Qualifications and certificates: • RYS 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teachers Training (Yoga Alliance with Hitesh Gulati and Ankit gulati, 2017) • 90-Hour Master Class for yoga teachers (Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Lonavla with O.P. Tiwari, 2016) • Teacher Training Camp (The Divine life Society with Swami Dharmanisthananda Saraswati, 2012) • Certificate in yogic studies (Advanced studied in Yogic Science-Bihar School of Yoga with Swami Shankracharya, 2011)

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