Like life, health & wellness should be an adventure. An experience immersed in joy, bright with possibilities, brimming with positivity, filled with fun and inviting kindred spirits to carve meaningful connections. A journey that starts with who you are now, grows with who you want to be and evolves to unveil what you have yet to become.


We believe in the power of exercise to help people lead happier, healthier, more balanced lives. For those who travel, live or work far from a yoga studio/ fitness club or just don’t have time to take a class, PURE Online can cultivate a strong and regular practice with a supportive and embracing community. From beginners starting their journey to experienced practitioners anticipating more milestones on the horizon, PURE Online is your progressive adventure that can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere.


PURE Online is a bilingual English-Chinese online video platform to support and grow the global workout community. Browse the comprehensive range of content available – from classes to series in varied styles, levels and duration. But discover more than just a class with teacher stories or video diaries that form the ‘personality’ of yoga. It’s not about repeating the same practice day after day or attaining a ‘perfect pose’. It is the delicious excitement of trying something new. The optimism to laugh and find pleasure even when you just can’t reach that final inch. The faith that with tomorrow comes the potential of something different and even better. The choice to connect with as many or as few other people as you’d like –but always remembering to connect with yourself.