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Emily Ng

Emily Ng

Fitness - Suntec City, Suntec City, Singapore

Emily graduated with a BSc in Food and Nutrition from the UK. She is passionate about nutrition, dietary behaviour, quality of food and quality of life. It has always been her dream to find a job that’s related to food and health. Her aim is to help and influence individuals to create a better lifestyle while enjoying delicious food. Emily has been providing professional nutritional and dietary consultations to clients of different age groups, nationalities and health conditions with issues such as elevated cholesterol, hypertension, constipation, and being overweight. She believes that everyone is unique. Therefore, no one diet fits all. Every diet plan should be flexible and personal in order to achieve one’s ultimate goals. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Emily studied in the UK for 9 years before starting her career. As such, she’s very familiar with a wide range of healthy food choices from diverse cuisines including Hong Kong-style, Western, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc., whether it’s homemade or takeaway. She also enjoys creating new delicious recipes as she advocates that a healthy lifestyle should be fun and sustainable. Her coaching style is simple and direct, she loves to guide and motivate clients using a step-by-step process, set short-term goals at each consultation, and educate individuals to become the master of their own food environment. Qualification Highlights • Undergraduate degree in Nutrition from Coventry University, UK • ISAK Level 1 Qualified • Member of Hong Kong Nutrition Association

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