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Sofia Ji

Sofia Ji

SH Xintiandi, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Sofia first stepped onto the yoga mat in 2012 while she was working in advertising. She started yoga simply to keep healthy and stay more energetic both externally and internally. She later discovered that yoga is much more than just physical exercise – it’s like the link between body and consciousness, and yoga philosophy has steered her interest in the relationship between body and soul. Sofia has been most inspired by two teachers on her yoga path – Patrick Creelman and Dario Calvaruso. They guided her practice in different ways that helped her to realise how yoga exists both on and off the mat. From foundational learning to vinyāsa and meditation, she truly believes that yoga inspires practitioners to lead healthier, better and more joyful lives – something she strives to do for herself. In her class, Sofia will always patiently discover the value and characteristics of each student. She likes to maintain a balance of earnestness and humour, encourage students to try their best in every moment, and guide them to enjoy and feel how powerful Ujjāyī breathing can be. Qualification Highlights • 432-hour Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa with Dario Calvaruso, Hong Kong & Shanghai • 12-hour Āyurveda Maulika Siddhānta Course with Dario Calvaruso, Shanghai • 50-hour Advanced Training with Patrick Creelman, Shanghai • 200-hour The Foundation of Yoga with Patrick Creelman, Shanghai • 30-hour Balanced Body MOTR® Training, Shanghai

Sofia Ji's Classes