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Alexander Hodges

Alexander Hodges

SH iapm mall, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Alexander was introduced to yoga through his interest in physical health, personal development, spirituality and his search for tools to better explore these areas of himself. Through an invitation to start a serious yoga practice with a group of good friends in 2013, his journey began and the motivation which grew from sharing the experience as a group gradually evolved to include a more personal aspect. The will to achieve a clearer understanding of himself keeps him motivated today. Alexander is inspired by the philosophy of teachers such as Yolanda Pettinato, who aim to guide the practitioner to have a better, more meaningful and joyful life. He is indebted to Shanghai-based teacher Rajeev for deepening his knowledge and instilling in him a sense of tradition and reverence for the practice. Those who join his classes can expect a well-intentioned teacher who respects every student and loves to keep a good balance of focus and humor. His classes vary in tone from physically intense to meditative and relaxing. Alexander wishes that attendees come only with goodwill and respect their fellow practitioners.

Alexander Hodges's Classes