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Niki Chen

Niki Chen

SH Taikoo Hui, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Niki’s first exposure to yoga was in 2011, when pressure from her job made her walk into a yoga class. With a friend’s encouragement, she subsequently took a Yoga Teacher Training Course. Initially just curious about yoga’s benefits, Niki discovered that yoga knowledge is as endless as the sea and was able to fill the spiritual void inside her. Her curiosity turned to love, and she wanted to make yoga her career so as to share the joy with many others! Niki officially started her yoga teaching journey in 2012. Inspired by different teachers, she constantly learned and explored different yoga genres and styles. From David Kyle and Andrey Lappa, she learned Rocket Flow Yoga and Universal Yoga. This not only gave Niki a deeper understanding of cognitive yoga but also instilled a firm belief that this is the correct way to share yoga with others. Gradually, yoga made Niki more disciplined and better able to control her emotions and provided a clear understanding of herself. And she continues to practise and teach yoga with a heart of awe! Her students will see Niki as a very patient and responsible teacher who can accommodate students of different levels in class, which is why they love every practice with her. QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS • Universal Yoga Sequence Certification Level 1, 2019 • RYT-300 Certified Universal Yoga (Thailand & Shanghai PURE Yoga), 2018 • RYT-100 Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Certified, Shanghai Y+yoga, 2017 • RYT-200 Shanghai YogiYoga, 2012

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