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Fiona Gao

Fiona Gao

SH Plaza 66, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Fiona’s first experience with yoga can be traced way back to her college days in 2009. When she finished the class, she felt an indescribable ease deep inside her and thus began to study yoga. She tried almost all styles of yoga, but nothing felt right until she discovered Ashtanga and became so attached to its movement and flow. At the beginning of her yoga journey, she overused the force of resistance and seriously injured her wrists. This became a confusing period filled with challenges and she almost gave yoga up. Feeling lost, she was fortunate at that time to meet her teacher Xiangdong Wong who shared his ‘oriental wisdom’ from which Fiona realised that instead of applying resistance in her practice, she needed more awareness and Qi. Eventually her body healed. After deepening her practice, she was able to reach a stage of awareness that led to fulfilment of her inner world. She achieved clarity and greater self-confidence, finally realising that trying in vain is pointless and that surrender is most often the path to attainment. She also feels that yoga can help people to master the art of life in all its beauty and through practice, everyone can express the best of themselves – a meaningful message that Fiona hopes to pass to all students. Fiona’s classes incorporate rhythm, harmony and fluidity for a practice that leaves no room for distraction – only smooth, flowing movement to movement. Qualification Highlights • Ashtanga Yoga workshop with Laruga Glaser, 2016 • RYT-200 Tattvaa Yogashala, India, 2016 • Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with Wong Xiangdong, 2014-2019 What Fiona teaches • Hatha • Hot • Vinyasa • Yin • Yin Yang • Ashtanga

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