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Samuel Lee

Samuel Lee

Asia Standard Tower, Central, Hong Kong


Samuel worked in a real estate conglomerate where he championed sustainability and wellness. Whilst he enjoyed the rigour and challenges presented by this career, he looked forward to spending time, albeit how short it might be, on his yoga mat in solitude every day. Driven by an inquisitive mind and a strong intention to impact positively on people’s lives, he attended his first teaching training in 2015 and continues to broaden his knowledge through self-learning and various trainings ever since. Samuel is deeply indebted to his primary teacher Jasmine Sun for being his beacon when he first started yoga. She inspired him to maintain a disciplined daily practice and instilled in him the importance of breath and living yoga both on and off the mat. Samuel is also grateful to Frances Gairns for guiding him to be a confident teacher who communicates eloquently. He is also thankful to Kino MacGregor for planting a seed in him to explore the depth of the ancient Ashtanga Yoga. Samuel’s self-practice and teaching are primarily informed by classic Hot Yoga, Ashtanga and Yin. He pays attention to alignment meticulously and would like to work with his students step-by-step to build a solid foundation and deepen their practice. Through yoga, he also cultivates his students to develop mental resilience so that they can weather storms in lives with peace. With a humble heart, Samuel promises to teach every class to the best of his capability and guides his students to leverage yoga as a vehicle for personal growth and empowerment. Qualification highlights • 30-hour Ashtanga Immersion with Kino MacGregor, 2017 • 50-hour Mastering the Art of Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Jason Crandell, 2016 • 25-hour Yoga for Children Teacher Training Programme Level 2 with Karen Wightman, 2016 • Ashtanga Yoga Second Series Intensive with Clayton Horton, 2016 • 33-hour Ashtanga Yoga Immersion with Clayton Horton, 2016 • 50-hour Yin Yoga (Myofascial Release & Spine Anatomy) Teacher Training with Jo Phee, 2016 • 200-hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Frances Gairns, 2015 • Master of Science, Imperial College London, 2013 • Bachelor of Science, University College London, 2012 What Samuel teaches • Ashtanga • Hatha • Healing • Hot • Vinyasa • Yin • Yin Yang • Yoga Therapy

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