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Lee Li

Lee Li

SH Century Link, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Lee majored in aerobics in high school and suffered many injuries, so he attended his first yoga class at college. When compared with aerobics, he found that yoga was more inclusive. So he started yoga for two months whilst also experiencing training in other areas such as equipment fitness, outdoor sports, and swimming. At the end of those two months and despite all that he’d been exposed to, Lee chose the path of yoga. Lee’s university yoga teacher Alex told him in his first yoga class that if he wanted to be a qualified yoga teacher, he must remember the importance of thanksgiving, humility, kindness and diligence. These words deeply influenced Lee's later behaviour as a teacher. His systematic study of sports anatomy and physiology in college gave him a deep understanding of the human body, which had a profound impact on his teaching. The practice of yoga also made Lee more focused, enabling him to study every yoga course more attentively at university. This led to Lee obtaining a first-class scholarship and national scholarship every year. In 2017, he began to learn from Tymi Howard, who taught Lee that yoga is life. This influenced Lee to interweave yoga into daily living and filled him with the courage to help more people. Lee's classes are lively and interesting. He encourages students to practise in a happy, safe and step-by-step manner. He always focuses on correct physical alignment rather than forcing one’s body into position. QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS • 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification, American Yoga Union • Flow & Yin Yoga with Tymi Howard • Social Sports Instructor • National fitness Yoga Senior Coach • Double Champion, Best Image Award, National Fitness Yoga Open Single Champion 2016 • Double Champion of Yoga Competition of National Association of Major Sports, 2016 • Bachelor's Degree of Physical Education Yoga Employment Direction, Shenyang Institute • David Fredriksson Ashtanga Workshop