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Bruce Zhao

Bruce Zhao

SH Xintiandi, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Bruce began his yoga teaching journey in Beijing, during which he met Mr. Xiaodong Guo, who had a great influence on him and taught him everything from breathing to muscles, from asanas to mind control. Mr. Xiaodong Guo taught him carefully, and he still remembers Mr. Xiaodong Guo said, "You have to teach every class and every student with love and patience, your energy can be received by everyone." On and off the mat, Bruce is a role model, Shiva Rea's Prana Flow turned Bruce's perception of Flow Yoga upside down – the music, rhythm and choreography of yoga and the energy and charisma of the teacher influenced him. Vincent Bolletta has had a profound impact on Bruce's practice and teaching in terms of changing his perceptions and habits. Bruce’s love and practice of Eastern philosophy has convinced him that yoga is a companion that can accompany him throughout his life. He believes that yoga and Buddhism combined can be better integrated into meditation and Yin Yoga; teaching him that life is about accepting challenges again and again and that every challenge takes practice. For him, yoga is a return to balance, a balance between mind and body, between people, between people and society and nature. Yoga is the light that illuminates the way home, practice the eight branches of yoga and you and I will be on the road together! Qualification Highlights • 2020 – FanYin Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Hot Yoga, Pilates On-Mat and Apparatus • 2009 – Australian Fitness Instructor Certificate • 2009 – Yoga Instructor Certificate, Asia Yoga Association • China Bally Fitness Private Training Certificate

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