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Milena Jovanovic

Milena Jovanovic

SH Taikoo Hui, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Milena’s first exposure to Hatha Yoga happened in the fall of 2009. Her reason for trying a yoga class was a sense of meaninglessness after a period of crisis in her life. She still remembers the feeling of peace and contentment after her first asana practice. Fascinated by this, Milena researched more and more about different yoga practices. At the beginning of 2010, she started Mysore Ashtanga practice, which she still practices today. One year later, on her first visit to India, Mysore KPJAYI, changed her life. Daily yoga made Milena grow in many facets and be a better being overall. Milena owes her gratitude to her first Ashtanga teacher, Ranko Stojiljkovic for great encouragement and inspiration and to R. Sharath Jois, the one who brings light where there is darkness, who carries the tradition of Ashtanga, because of his honesty and simplicity in teaching. Finally, she owes her gratitude to David Garrigues for his passion for teaching and showing how to harness opposing forces inside us using both physical and spiritual power. Even though Milena has been teaching for several years, she sees herself as a lifelong student of yoga as she believes teaching and learning are intertwined. Every student gives her something she didn’t have before. In exchange, Milena shares her knowledge freely with a light hand, love and support to create their own wisdom. Never give up! QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS • Special course for teachers with Sharath Jois India Mysore, KPJAYI, 2016 • Mysore Certificate Level 1, KPJAYI, 2015

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