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Zelin Yao

Zelin Yao

SH Plaza 66, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Zelin used to be a Senior Strategic Planning Manager in an advertising company. The pressure of fast-paced, intense work led to both physical and mental discomfort. As a result, she found yoga in 2018 and it became a way to maintain work-life balance. After the daily inhale-and-exhale practice, Zelin gradually took control of her time and body and felt the soft but powerful benefits of yoga. And so began her yogic life. Teachers Niki and Vicky were two of the most important people who changed her attitude about yoga – practising each basic pose instead of chasing after the advanced poses. Studying with Andrey Lappa equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of yoga, learning scientific and efficient practice methods as well as incorporating this wisdom into life. In Zelin's classes, students will discover the skills of basic poses and prepare for advanced ones. Zelin’s perceptiveness to the reactions and feelings of everyone during practice enables her to provide individualised auxiliary adjustment and suggestions. Within each class, expect to lay a solid foundation, establish proper breathing patterns, find inner peace, and love yourself. QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS • RYT-100 Certified Universal Yoga, PURE Yoga Shanghai • RYT-200 Vinyasa Yoga, PURE Yoga Shanghai • 20-Hour Wheel Mobility Teacher Training, PURE Yoga Shanghai • 50-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, PURE Yoga Shanghai

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