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Annie Wei

Annie Wei

SH Taikoo Hui, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Annie was originally a dancer and a dance teacher. She loves the fluidity combined with the connection of music and movement. But quite early on due to high-intensity training and incorrect practice, she accumulated many professional injuries and was continuously overwhelmed by the insufferable pain, which led to a period of resting. After learning more about aerial yoga in 2015, she became attuned to her body and broke through any shortcomings to retain control of her physical capabilities. Thus began her journey of yoga exploration. Inspired by Mrs. LoLo Luo, Annie "reconciled with herself" to grasp a real sense of her body’s needs and stopped forcing herself to be what others expected her to be. Annie’s classes highlight the importance of basic stability and safety, and attainment of calmness and steady power from the alignment, perception, breathwork and concentration of the body. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS • RYT 200, Shanghai, 2021 • 100-hr International Association of Aromatherapy, Taipei, 2021 • Aerial Yoga Levels 1-2, Taipei, 2020 • Aerial Yoga Restorative, Taipei, 2020 • Hatha Yoga, Taipei, 2020 • Yoga Wheel, Taipei, 2020 • Angelic Reiki Professional Practitioner, Taipei, 2020 • Dr Edward Bach’s System of 38 Flower Remedies Levels 1-2, Taipei, 2018 • Angelic Reiki Levels 1-2, Taipei, 2018

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