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Leo Cao

Leo Cao

SH Taikoo Hui, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Leo joined a yoga class for the first time in 2009, after he experienced “Savasana” – the yoga pose for deep relaxation, feeling the unique charm of yoga physically and mentally piqued his strong interest in yoga. Leo has been practising Ashtanga yoga since 2013 and yoga has become a life habit. He thinks that standing on the yoga mat every day is like returning to nature and brings him enjoyment of life. He is so grateful to have had Margaret and Rain Cao as his yoga teachers as well as the many friends who have enlightened and guided him on his yoga path. He began to try teaching yoga in 2012 and has been enhancing his learning since. Teaching has altered his focus from the difficulty and skills of a posture to the unique needs of every student. Leo believes that yoga is like a mirror in which to observe yourself. Through observing your own body and breathe, you can gain insight into your emotions, habits and limiting beliefs. Only then can you break through and discover a new perspective and realise true self-transformation and growth. Yoga has brought Leo so many wonderful life experiences, and he hopes to share the wealth of these with everyone through his role as teacher. QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS • 40-hr Ashtanga Teacher Training Course with David Swenson, 2019 • 30-hr Ashtanga Teacher Training Course with Jason Jia, 2018 • 200-hr The Foundation of Yoga with Patrick Creelman, 2016 • Synapse Pilates Reformer 1. 2. 3, 2015 • Synapse Pilates Mat 1. 2, 2014

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