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Leo Li

Leo Li

SH iapm mall, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Leo was a trained short-distance runner in his high school and college, during which he suffered perpetual back injuries over the years of intensive training. His first encounter with yoga was after graduating from university in 2010, when he joined a class conducted by his sister, who was a yoga teacher. Although it was tough and painful, he felt a sense of happiness after that first session. Through his sister’s encouragement, Leo took up a series of yoga courses and became a certified yoga teacher. Since then, his path of yoga practice and teaching not only improved his flexibility and alleviated the pain of his old injuries but also strengthened his patience and endurance. He believes by sharing as a yoga practitioner, he could influence his fellow mates into making yoga a part of their lives. Leo is grateful to the teachers and mentors who have given him valuable guidance over the years. Yoga master Mahendra taught him the values of humility and respectfulness as a yoga teacher, while Andrew Lappa has broadened his exposure by applying modern techniques to various types of asana and breathing methods. “Everyone is a unique individual” is a strong belief that Leo demonstrates constantly in his teaching. He provides variations of poses especially for the beginners in his class to ensure that they focus on correct alignment whilst offering adequate challenges and fun for advanced learners to further their practice. Leo always make an effort to listen to his students’ feedback as he believes that through mutual sharing of experiences, one can continue to grow and improve. Namaste! QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS • Body Concept Pilates Teacher Training Mat Levels 1&2 with CK & Ada, 2019 • 50-hr Wall Rope Yoga Teacher Training with Bryan Legere, 2017 • 300-hr Universal Yoga Teacher Training with Andrey Lappa, 2016 • Kirtanist Training with Shajin, 2015 • 200-hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Mahendra & Brett & Zhoulu, 2010

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