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Arven Xing

Arven Xing

SH Xintiandi, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Arven had his first yoga class in his first year at university in 2007. During the class, the teacher mentioned frequently that people should not compare with others but rather live for now and self-reflect – such words impressed him a lot. Due to busy studying, he only continued to attend yoga class for around 1 month. But even in that time, yoga became embedded in his heart, which inspired him to take yoga teacher training half a year after he graduated. Whilst he taught yoga, Arven also attended trainings led by famous yoga teachers such as Andrey Lappa, David Kyle, Dougta, Li Xiaozhong and Qiu Yuan. Teaching since 2011 has given Arven ample experience to provide tailor-made advice to his students. QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS • 500-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School Teacher Training • 200-hour Universal Yoga Certificate Teacher Training • 150-hour Rocket Vinyasa Teacher Training Programme • Yoga Therapy Training Programme-Levels 1&2

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