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Nana Huang

Nana Huang

SH Century Link, Shanghai, Hong Kong


When Nana first walked into a Mysore class in early 2014, she was attracted by the atmosphere and commenced her regular Mysore practice from that very day. Yoga changed her a lot – not only has her body become flexible and full of strength but she also feels softer inside, full of joy and inner peace. Gradually, the practice has become the very focus of her life. Since 2018, Nana has been studying with Sharath Jois at KPJAYI in India. Sharath taught her the doctrine of Ahimsa as well as the practice style of challenging herself wisely with insight. Nana’s teaching style is also deeply influenced by teacher Patrick Creelman, whose teaching is focused on foundation and energy. Through continuous attention to the steadiness of one’s foundation as well as the unhindered and powerful breath, the student will gain real strength. To Nana, Yoga is more of an attitude towards life and a life philosophy. For her, practising and teaching benefit each other. Nana is always seeking personal development from her students’ practice and is simultaneously delighted to share with all of you the joy and peace that she has gained. Qualifications • 50-Hour Rocket Yoga with David Kyle, 2017 • 200-Hour The Foundation of Yoga with Patrick Creelman, 2016