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Sunshine Song

Sunshine Song

SH Century Link, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Sunshine was a hospital nurse who worked three shifts for a long time, which made her both physically and mentally exhausted. In 2010, she entered her first yoga class at the suggestion of a friend and found that yoga was much more difficult than she thought. Like most people, she finished the first class with great difficulty and made up her mind to keep practising. Through daily practice, Sunshine found that her body was making continuous progress and her sub-health status was greatly improved. Moreover, her sleep quality was much better than before. She always felt a special sense of accomplishment and happiness after each practice. So she quit her job and turned her complete focus to yoga. Sunshine is grateful for the teacher who influenced her life in her first yoga teacher training. Phil shared his experience in class, which led Sunshine realised that yoga is not a simple pose on the surface, but rather something so powerful with the capacity to change a person from head to toe – because Phil was such a person. He was like the sun shining, inspiring everyone with this strong and warm energy. This energy affected Sunshine so greatly that it gave way to her English name, Sunshine. In her seven years as a nurse, Sunshine took every patient seriously. This innate sense of responsibility and life mission also extends to her yoga class. She keeps practising every day after work in order to keep learning. And she hopes to share what she has learned with her students. Her yoga classes allow each practitioner to feel the connection between breath and body, leading to inner tranquillity and a safe and effective yoga practice from which they can derive both health and joy! QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS • 100-Hour Pre- and Post-natal Yoga Teacher Certification • 30-Hour Yoga Wheel Teacher Training • 40-Hour Singing Bowl Teacher Training • 40-Hour CET (PURE Air – Freedom and Light) Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, 2019 • 50-hour Rocket Flow Yoga Teacher Training with David Kyle, 2017 • 200-hour Teacher Training with Lance Schuyler, American Yoga Federation, 2013 What Sunshine teaches • Core • Hatha • Hot • Restorative • Vinyasa • Yin • Yin Yang • Yoga Therapy