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Mila Qian

Mila Qian

BJ WF Central, Beijing, Hong Kong


Mila remembers her first yoga lesson in 2005, when she finished 60 minutes of yoga as a as a newbie and completely clueless. She also remembers feeling a sense of comfort that she hadn’t experienced for a long time! After three yoga classes in three consecutive days, she felt the pain of stiffness, the weakness of body movement, and the first time that she felt her breath clearly. What was most unforgettable was seeing herself in the mirror in a twisting pose. At that moment, she firmly believed that that was what she wanted and that it was meant to be. In her yoga journey since then, Mila went from self-practice to sharing and finally got her first yoga teaching certificate in 2006. Through the trainings, reading of the classics, self-study of psychology and introspect, Mila was grateful for every experience she encountered. American teacher Sara Power taught her the Inner Yoga course and has inspired her deeply. During her 10 years of practice, Mila recognised her body again -- from strangeness to familiarity, from acceptance to caring -- this exploration of guided her inward step by step. It improved her awareness and awareness gave her a deeper understanding of yoga. Yoga is not confined to the outside world. Yoga practice is a whole. Relaxation and calmness are not just words but real feelings. The process of inner awakening is like meeting one’s lost self again. And she found that the best teacher in her life was herself! Mila often asks herself: What would she look like if she hadn't met Yoga? In learning Sivananda yoga, Swami Sita said that all exercises need to be tested in life! The main purposes of Mila's class are self-healing and self-awakening. Each class is like a spiritual journey leading students into the present, body, breathing, meditation, self-awareness, awareness, self-awakening. Everyone will become their own best teacher as they meet themselves, heal themselves, and find their inner strength to live! Mila does not think of herself as a yoga teacher. Like all who love yoga, she is a student who learns from the life topic of self-healing and self-awakening. “I hope we all become yoga propagators who know how to love ourselves, love others, and be grateful and obedient. One day, we will bring awareness not only to the mat but also to lifeand turn yoga into a way of life! Slow down the rhythm and regain peace of mind.” Qualifications and Certifications: * 500-hr Yoga Alliance (American Yoga Union) Teacher Certification * 500-hr International Sivananda Yoga Instructor, Vietnam, 2015-2018 * 200-hr Yoga Physiotherapy, Spine Repair, Scoliosis and Muscle Dissection TTC, Beijing, 2012-2013 * Pre-natal and Post-natal Conditioning, Beijing, 2012-2015 * Parent-Child Yoga Recognition with Professor Zhang, Beijing, 2012-2013 * Yin Yoga with Sara Power USA, Beijing, 2014 * Prati Certifaction of Blank Teacher, Taiwan, 2011 * Yoga Meditation, Inner View Practice for over 300 hours * National Second-level Psychological Consultant WHAT MILA TEACHES Core Hatha Healing Hot Pranayama Prenatal Restorative Sivanada Vinyasa Yin Yin Yang Yoga Nidra Yoga therapy