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Valentina Huang

Valentina Huang

SH Xintiandi, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Valentina was introduced to yoga while she was working in an IP company. A client with a small yoga studio suggested her to have a try. Then she was completely hooked and decided to leave her job in late 2013 and took a Hatha Yoga teacher training. She soon discovered there are many styles of yoga and was inspired to try as many as possible. She didn’t miss any opportunity to try new training courses and learn new or traditional practices. Being a qualified instructor in multiple disciplines including Pilates, yoga, personal training and core alignment, her broad base of knowledge and skill allowed her to bring more fun movements and variation to classes. Qualification Highlights • 136-Hour CPT course with ACE, Shanghai, 2018 • 50-Hour Mat Pilates course with Left & Right Wellness, Shanghai, 2018 • 8-Hour Breathing Methods course with Left & Right Wellness, Shanghai, 2018 • 15-Hour TrueBar Fitness course with NAFC POWERCERT, Shanghai, 2018 • 30-Hour Wall Rope Yoga course with Hong Kong Ray, Ningbo, 2017 • 35-Hour Mat Pilates course, 2017 • 30-Hour Aerial Yoga Advanced course, Song Jiang, Shanghai, 2017 • 20-Hour Wheel Yoga course, Nanjing, 2016 • 35-Hour Prenatal Yoga course with Chenhui, Xiamen, 2016 • 30-Hour Aerial Yoga course level 2, 2016 • 30-Hour Aerial Yoga course level 1, 2015 • 200-Hour TTC Yoga School: Philosophy, Yoga, Musculoskeletal, Yoga Asanas and Meditation, Nanjing, 2014 • 100-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher course, 2013 What Valentina teaches • Aerial Yoga • Core • Hatha • Hot • Prenatal • Vinyasa • Wall Rope Yoga • Yin • Yin Yang • Yoga Therapy • Yoga Wheel

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