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Lily Feng

Lily Feng

BJ China Central Place, Beijing, Hong Kong


Lily was very intrigued when she stepped into yoga by chance, and many unexpected things happened on the mat. She soon discovered that the yoga mat is a place where she can find gratification and mind-body connection. Through consistent practice and continuous learning, she wants to share the joy of yoga and her love for it with more people. Besides being a qualified yoga teacher, Lily is also a certified personal trainer. She has a wealth of experience in Pilates, sports rehabilitation, etc., and integrates multi-faceted training into her classes. Lily believes that everyone needs different exercises to meet their different goals. She expertly maintains just the right balance of guidance and difficulty when she teaches. Lily encourages students to use their own rhythm, focus on breathing and perception, practise awareness of the body, bravely challenge and enjoy every exercise, to express their inner emotions, and to explore their inner and outer worlds. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS • RYT500 Vinyasa Teacher Training, 2020 • 50-hour Professional Acrobatics Training, 2018 • ERYT200 Vinyasa Teacher Training, 2017 • Animal Flow Training, 2017 • Land-power Teacher Training, 2017 • CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Training, 2016 • Sports Therapist Training, 2016 • Pilates Training, 2015 • 50-hour Maternal Yoga Teacher Training, 2013 • 100-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training, 2013 • 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, 2012 What Lily teaches • Aerial Yoga • Chair Yoga • Core • Hatha • Hot • Vinyasa • Wall Rope Yoga • Yin • Yin Yang • Yoga Therapy • Yoga Wheel