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Nicole Zuo

Nicole Zuo

SH iapm mall, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Nicole is from Hubei Province. She started practising yoga in the second year after she came to Shanghai. Like many others who had no prior experience in yoga, she thought that her first yoga class was intense, yet she did not give up. She believed that yoga would bring a big turning point in her life. Not long after, she decided to become a yoga teacher. Her intention was simple: to find balance in her body, mind and spirit; also, to help others to find balance in their body, mind and spirit. Nicole is very grateful to have met many incredible teachers. Her Ashtanga teacher once said, 'Once you leave the mat, that is when yoga starts.' From that day onwards, Nicole always remembers those words and integrates the practice of yoga into her daily life. Yin yoga and yoga therapy help Nicole, who used to be a perfectionist, to find a softer and calmer side of herself. By practising with mindfulness and awareness, she is able to be calm and compassionate. Nicole is firmly committed to the path of yoga after spending a decade on it. She continues to further her practice, hoping to share yoga's essence with more people and to help them experience the beauty of yoga. By using asana practice as a tool, Nicole hopes to help her students to overcome the limits of the body and the mind, so that they are able to see a better self. Qualifications and Certifications:200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Arts 200-hour Yoga Alliance Yin Yoga Teacher Training 100-hour of Inner Yoga Teacher Certification 50-hour of Ashtanga Training Yoga Therapy Training with Qiu Yuan

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