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Peyton Huang

Peyton Huang

BJ WF Central, Beijing, Hong Kong


Peyton's yoga journey began in 2012. She first started yoga as a leisure time interest while she was working in the electronics industry. Shortly, she found herself becoming a happier person as yoga not only improves her health, but also increase her peace of mind. When she immersed herself into yoga, all she felt is the joyfulness and contentment to live in the moment. All the negative thoughts that used to haunt her, her attachment to the past, and her fear for the future magically disappeared. Yoga teaches her to seize the present. To seek new inspiration in life, Peyton decided to quit her job in 2013 and went backpacking and yoga practising in South Asia. It was during this life-transforming grand tour that she met her teacher Sharath Jois, with whom she continues to make annual trips to study Ashtanga since then. Sharath's dedication to yoga, his wisdom cultivated by years of bringing yoga into real life practice, and his love and kindness to every student left a great impact on Peyton. Peyton realised that yoga means so much more beyond just asana and Ashtanga is the method to help people evolve from within and become a better person. Peyton creates a relaxing and encouraging atmosphere in her class. She guides students to move smoothly and mindfully with awareness on breathing, which is one of the most important elements in Ashtanga. With a gentle and supportive manner, she encourages students to build a healthier body and a stronger mind through regular practice. Qualifications and Certifications• Authorised Level 2, Sharath Jois, KPJAYI, 2016 • Pre- & Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training (50-hr) with Samantha Chan 2013 • Universal® Yoga Teacher Training Programme (100-hr) with Andrey Lappa 2013 WHAT PEYTON TEACHES Ashtanga Hatha Healing Hot My sore Prenatal Restorative Vinyasa Yin Yin Yang Yoga therapy

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