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Pari Feng

Pari Feng

SH iapm mall, Shanghai, Hong Kong


From Cheng Du, Pari came across yoga in 2010 and began teaching in 2013. In the beginning, the practice was only because of emotional problems: perfectionism, anxiety, worries about the future and uncertainty deeply troubled her. Through the regular practice of yoga, she gradually relaxed, became soft and unconfronted, and also accepted changes in things and accepted imperfection. The two most important yoga teachers for her, Patrick Creelman & Briohny Smyth, one gives a lot of fun, flow and strength; the other gives deeper wisdom and knowledge. Many teachers on the road of yoga have helped and influenced her, maintaining her love for yoga, enthusiasm and persistence in teaching, and also made her calmer from the age of 20-32. Yoga made her know more about herself and feel the beauty of life, and also changed the way she looked at problems: focused, clear and profound! Throughout her 10 years of teaching, Pari’s focus has shifted from perfecting her technique and asanas to creative and fun teaching, and ultimately, giving dedication to every little detail to the fundamentals of the practice, hoping to help practitioners achieve stability and ultimate freedom in addition to progress. Yoga practice is like difficulties and obstacles in life – although it’s difficult, if you start and participate in it, and feel it, you will gain something. In addition to the gains from practice, I hope that yoga will bring you the strength to move forward and the courage not to be afraid of failure and let us be more determined and truly ourselves! Qualifications and Certifications: • 2023 – Teacher Training with Patrick Creelman, Wild Lotus (300 hours) • 2020 – Teacher Training with Briohny Smyth, Aligned Yoga (300 hours) • 2019 – Fascial Flow Teacher Training (50 hours) • 2018 – Rocket Vinyasa Teacher Training (50 hours) • 2017 – Advanced Flow Teacher Training (100 hours) • 2015 – Yoga therapy Teacher Training (100 hours) • 2012 – E-RYT, Yoga Alliance (500 hours) Pari 教授的项目: • Alignment cn • 哈达瑜珈 • Restorative • 流瑜珈 • Yin Yang