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Ero Xu

Ero Xu

SH Century Link, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Ero got his first taste of Yoga in college. After practising for a while, he discovered how a stretched and supple body helps to ease one’s mind and thereafter embarked on his personal Yoga journey. In 2015, Ero was fortunate enough to find the world of IYENGAR YOGA. With years of practice, he increasingly realised that Yoga not only brings joy to the mind and heart of a practitioner but also courage, wisdom, and spiritual revelation which further fascinated him. As a graduate of forestry, nature holds a unique allure for Ero. Besides Yoga, he also loves wandering in the landscape, picking up leaves, observing insects, collecting rocks – all of which have always intrigued him. He indulges his inner child and approaches everything with this childlike curiosity and passion. For Ero, exploring and practising Yoga are a voyage of finding his true self. All that is superficial and impetuous fades away, and wisdom emerges from simplifying things. The beauty of simplicity makes him more engaged and determined to explore what he’s passionate about. Ero’s classes convey his rigorous attitude towards Yoga, his passion in sharing, and his sincerity with each and every student.

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