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Leo Guo

Leo Guo

BJ WF Central, Beijing, Hong Kong


Leo first encountered yoga in 2007 at a fitness centre. He had inadvertently entered the yoga studio and experienced the first yoga class in his life. Various twisting and stretching postures made him feel wonderful and very comfortable. After that, with continuous practice and encouragement from teachers, he acquired the qualification to become a certified yoga instructor. Leo is grateful to every teacher he has met along his yoga journey, including Robyn Wexlre and Ren Jinsong who have had the most far-reaching influence. They teach him to respect how the body feels during yoga practice, find alignment and awareness of the body in breathing, connect the energy and the body in practice, and integrate yoga from the mat into life, so that he can continue travelling the road of yoga. In teaching yoga, we should be patient and meticulous, heed the connection between breath and body, pay attention to the state of each practitioner, and establish awareness in safe and stable practice. He believes that teaching yoga wholeheartedly is a process that brings changes to himself and others, making life richer, more enlightened and more meaningful. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS • Sculpt Yoga Training, Beijing, 2019 • CSIP Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Training Certification, Beijing, 2018 • 100-Hour Vinyasa Certification, Yoga Yard, Beijing, 2015 • Pilates Private Education and Mat Certification, Beijing, 2012 • Mantramurti Meditation Workshop, Hohhot, 2012 • 200-Hour Asian Yoga Association Training Certification, Beijing, 2008 • Hot Yoga Training Certification, Beijing, 2008