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Nicole Wong

Nicole Wong

SH Taikoo Hui, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Nicole first stepped into a yoga class in 2012 with the simple purpose of wanting a good stretch after a workout. Yoga made her feel better until she started some advanced practice that proved challenging and made her restless. But Nicole found the drive that pushed her to keep practicing, which strengthened both her mind and body. That taught her to accept the present and to stay positive in any difficult situation. She believes that yoga is a wonderful tool, motivating her to get out of her comfort zone and challenging her limits to discover personal potential. In 2018, Nicole relocated from Shanghai to Taipei and decided to step into something extraordinary during her working holiday. She took a teacher training with Samrat Dasgupta in Hong Kong! The training completely changed the way she committed to yoga, sharing not only physical poses but also the knowledge, skills and spirituality. She is equally thankful to her yoga teacher Marcus Leung in Taipei who elevates her practice and teaching with greater clarity and efficiency. Both teachers’ guidance and support motivate Nicole to expand her knowledge of what she is passionate about and shares with others. Nicole’s yoga journey has been full of colours and challenges, spanning the different bustling cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei – diverse environments that have inspired her teaching to be creative and dynamic for her students exploring their potential. Her classes focus on building physical and mental strength for mindfulness movements that encourage her students to live consciously and incorporate yoga into their lives. QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS: • RYT-300 Counter Flow Yoga with Marcus Leung, Taiwan, 2020 • Yoga Wheel Teacher Training Course with Stacy Chang, Taiwan, 2019 • Yogalates Teacher Training with Lynn Chou & Una Chan, Taiwan, 2019 • RYT-200 The Spirit of Teaching with Samrat Dasgupta, PURE Yoga Hong Kong, 2018

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