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Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar

SH Taikoo Hui, Shanghai, Hong Kong


When Ashu was 10 years old and living in Jamshedpur, India, he was considered underweight and fell sick often. A neighbourhood friend suggested he practise yoga and introduced Ashu to Yoga school, where he met his first yoga teacher Prabir Karmakar. Under his guidance, Ashu immediately started to see positive results and gradually became healthier and stronger. That marked the beginning of Ashu’s yoga journey and his passion for the practice grew by leaps and bounds. He started entering numerous inter-state and inter-district competitions, and his hard work and dedication earned Ashu multiple awards throughout the years. Apart from yoga, Ashu’s second passion has always been bodybuilding, an interest he developed in 2007 when he started participating in bodybuilding competitions. Four years later, Ashu had a bad accident, broke his leg and was unable to maintain the bodybuilding – at which point he considered giving up his fitness journey. It was then that he met fellow yogi Bidyut Sarkar, who encouraged Ashu to continue with yoga practice and bodybuilding. Ashu found that it healed him, not just physically but mentally and spiritually, and he decided to focus on pursuing his yoga journey again. In 2012, Ashu decided to take a leap in his career by teaching internationally and has worked in China and Malaysia since 2018 and 2013 respectively. Through his teaching, Ashu has made connections with various individuals of diverse cultures, interests and fitness levels, which has also allowed him to expand his knowledge as a yoga teacher. Many students are amazed that despite Ashu’s large muscular frame, he is so flexible and able to do various contorted postures. Ashu has convinced many bodybuilders, both men and women, to give yoga a chance to make their rigid bodies more flexible and to calm their minds. None have regretted it to date! Ashu’s specialty lies in core strength, arm balance and inversions, which can be witnessed when attending any of his classes. Ashu is a firm believer in positive thinking and is dedicated to motivating his students to push their personal boundaries and uncover their true potential. For Ashu, yoga is a lifelong journey and he is grateful to be given the opportunity to inspire everyone around him. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS • Indian Institute of Alternative Medicines 1-Year Yoga Therapy Diploma (Affiliated with Indian Board of Alternative Medicines) • National Institute of Sports (Patiala) 6-Week Certification Course, India • Passed 3-year examination in Yogasana with 1st division from Yoga & Sanskrity Kalakendram (Kolkata), 2009 (Affiliated with All India Yoga Development Forums registered by the Government of India & Abroad) • YTTC 200-hour completed from Kriya Yogpeeth, 2017 • Yonion Yoga Conference Xiamen, Asia Yoga Conference, Hong Kong, 2019

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