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Shawn Tang

Shawn Tang

Shanghai Taikoo Hui, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Professional designer Shawn weighed only 63 kg in college and feeling that he was too thin, he wanted to make a change. Under the recommendation of his college mates, he took his first steps into the gym and fell in love with fitness training. Going from his original 63 kg to current weight of 85 kg, he became more confident in the process of fitness, tall and straight. Over the course of his fitness journey, Shawn gained a lot of experience and expertise. He believes that exercise without correct guidance can easily get off track and waste valuable time, so he wants to help others maintain a smooth path to fitness and the achievement of their goals. Qualification Highlights: • ACE-CPT  美国运动委员会认证教练 • ACE Youth Fitness  美国运动委员会认证青少年体适能教练 • Basic Life Support  基础生命支持课程 • Martial Fitness Training Level 1  心武格斗健身私人教练一级 • Martial Fitness Training Level 2  心武格斗健身私人教练二级 • Red Cross Aid  红十字协会救护员 • PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer /PTAG国际私人教练认证 Final Thought: If you always stay in thinking mode, you'll never change. So take action and do it NOW. What Shawn Trains • Body-Building/ Figure Competition • Endurance Sport (running/triathlon etc) • Kickboxing/ Boxing • Metabolic Specialist (weight loss/gain) • Speed, Agility, Quickness • Strongman/ Strength Sport