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Dou Dou

Dou Dou

SH Century Link, Shanghai, Hong Kong


In 2015, Dou accidentally saw David Swenson's yoga practice video, which deeply touched his heart. He marvelled that yoga was so elegant, light and flexible. This planted the seeds of Ashtanga deep in Dou's heart. Since then, he has gradually tried various schools of practice, taking the first step of his Yoga journey. In 2016, Dou met Alexey Pavlyukov and Nea Ferrier, two authorised teachers in Ashtanga Yoga Dubai and systematically studied Ashtanga Yoga. Under their guidance, he not only refined the yoga style but also gained a deeper understanding of the essence and teaching of yoga. In yoga’s essence of self-awareness, Dou went to Mysore KPJAYI to study under the lineage holder of Ashtanga Yoga Sharath Jois and continues to do so yearly. Dou's teaching style focuses on tradition, precision and pertinence. Through teaching in different countries, we can clearly understand the most appropriate programmes suited to individuals of various physical attributes and conditions. Qualifications • 40-hour Ashtanga Yoga TTC with David Swenson, PURE Yoga Shanghai, 2019 • Clayton Horton Ashtanga Yoga 5-day workshop, 2018 • 300-hour Ashtanga Yoga TTC with Kamal Singh, Tattvaa Yogashala, Rishikesh, 2017 • 50-hour Ashtanga Yoga primary series with Alexey Pavlyukov, 2016

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