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Steven Shi

Steven Shi

SH iapm mall, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Steven graduated from a professional sports college with a credible academic background and expertise. He’s been keen on competitive sports since he was a child and was very good at track & field, basketball, tennis, etc. Over years of working experience as a certified personal trainer, Steven has gained the know-how to train hard and train smart. He will think from clients' perspective, listen what clients need and customise training programmes together with his clients. By adding elements of fun, the workout journey becomes diverse, comprehensive and much more effective. Clients will simultaneously gain knowledge of professional training and better understand the their own bodies. Steven believes that training goes hand in hand with stretching. Ample stretching keeps the body young and supple, which is why Steven has been devoted to studying myofascial release physical therapy and has his own unique insights into myofascial release. Qualification Highlights: • ACE-CPT • ARCA-Stretch • First-Aid/CPR/AED Certified • PTA-Global CPT • PTA-Global Mentorship • AFAA-CPT • TRX-LV1 • SSC Sports Science Course Final Thought: The thing to fear most in the world – those who are better than you and fight harder than you. What Steven Trains • Body-Building/ Figure Competition • Speed, Agility, Quickness • Strongman/ Strength Sport Steven's Other Specialties • TRX, Battling Ropes