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Burley Chan

Burley Chan

Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Burley first jumped onto the yoga mat at PURE Yoga in 2010 searching for inner peace from the very beginning and yes, it works for her. Every time she finishes yoga practice, she feels lighthearted and happy. One day Burley started thinking she should be a yoga teacher to spread this amazing feeling to others. In 2014, Burley fell down from a handstand in a self-practice. Her right third and fourth proximal phalanges were fractured and took five months to recover. She couldn’t even walk in those five months. It was a great lesson for her to realise how important alignment is and to be patient with her own body. ‘’Calming the mind is yoga. Not just standing on the head.” – Swami Satchidananda Burley feels grateful that she has been guided by several teachers who have made her body and mind stronger. Wendy Wyvill influenced her a lot – Wendy is like an angel caring tenderly for students with her sweet voice and big heart. Burley is also thankful to have attended yoga teacher training with Ann Marie Da Silva who focuses on alignment and safety during practice. In Ann’s patience and love, Burley has become a Yoga teacher. Burley believes that Yoga is not about touching the toes. It is a way to know yourself, a tool with which to both control and surrender the body. Burley’s classes are grounding, delightful, and focus on safe alignment. With her bilingual capacity, Burley hopes that students who understand Cantonese and English will reap even greater benefits during practice with her. Qualification Highlights • Yoga Alliance Registered RYT200 with Ann Marie Da Silva, 2016 • Certified in First Aid, Hong Kong St. John Ambulance What Burley teaches • Core • Hatha • Hot • Vinyasa