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Serene Khor

Serene Khor

Yoga - Suntec City, Suntec City, Singapore


Serene started yoga in March 2013 after her busy job and foodie nature resulted in a few extra pounds that became difficult to shift. Not a big fan of endless hours on a treadmill, she looked for other alternatives. As a former gymnast, yoga seemed a natural choice for her, but she would never have thought that yoga would become her passion and transform her lifestyle after she stepped into PURE Yoga Chevron House studio for the first time. Her first few classes were not easy, but she stuck with it and soon began to see the benefits both on and off the mat as she explored the philosophy behind various schools of yoga. Hot yoga especially helped Serene to develop outstanding focus to balance out her day-to-day scatterbrain tendencies (although these still persist a little!). In 2015, Serene began her teacher training on the recommendation of her mentor, Prakash Singh Bisht. Now a qualified yoga teacher, Serene still sees herself as a student who continues to explore and learn and develop her yoga practice. Serene is thankful to all her yoga teachers who have shared their wisdom and inspiration along her yoga journey. Prakash Singh Bisht, Arun Rana, Rene Ekeheien and Hee Boon Tan have particularly inspired Serene in different ways. She feels gratitude to Prakash for motivating and encouraging her to follow and eventually share her passion with others. Arun’s selfless teaching has shown her how to teach yoga from the heart. Rene, as her very first yoga teacher, has taught her to have compassion for everyone and helped her to find her spiritual path with Lama Marut and Cindy Lee. Hee Boon is like a healer to Serene, a big inspiration in helping her to discover the balance in life and always encourages her to stay grounded. Serene’s classes are often invigorating and yet rewarding. "I am a firm believer that yoga is for everyone no matter what background or physical level. Flexibility is a product of yoga but not the prerequisite. As long as you keep practising mindfully and never give up, you will see the benefits – and there is nothing like that “aha!” moment when it all comes together." Serene likes to end her classes by singing a short mantra chant as she believes the vibration of chanting soothes and calms the mind. QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS * Exploring Hot Yoga 26&2 and Jedi Training Workshop with Esak Garcia * Expand Your Power with Baptiste Yoga Workshop with Tryphena Chia * Hot Yoga Challenge with Rene Ekeheien * Yoga Therapy: 30-hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Training with Arun Rana * Art of Adjustment (Jivamukti-Inspired) Workshop with Kristin Khor * Yoga Self-Realisation Immersion Workshop with Andrei Ram * The Spectrum of Yoga Workshop with Lama Marut & Cindy Lee * Vinyasa Yoga: 50-hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Training with Hee Boon Tan * Assisting Workshop with Tryphena Chia * The Heart of Yoga Therapy Workshop with Dr. Kausthub Desikachar * Roots of Hatha Teacher Training: 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Prakash Singh Bisht & Arun Rana * Exploring Yin and Yang Workshop with William Wong