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Soya Yang

Soya Yang

SH Taikoo Hui, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Soya first came to yoga in 2009 because she was curious about what yoga was. She liked yoga very much after her first practice and felt the unique energy entering her body with one breath. Since then, she has become more and more fond of yoga, enjoying the connection of mind and body and hoping to inspire more people through yoga. Soya has been teaching yoga since 2010. She attended international yoga masters' classes to study and learn various styles of yoga every year. The practice of yoga is not only about the asanas, but also the soul and spirit of yoga. Soya likes thinking and innovation. Through self-practice, research and development, she has accumulated unique experiences in yoga teaching. She has taught courses in cities such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Changsha and Nanning. To enhance her teaching, she has continuously received private tutoring and internal training courses, thus being able to help students to shape their physiques and resolve issues related to the practice of yoga. She focuses on training yoga teachers and has cultivated countless yoga talent. She combines yoga postures with 3D anatomy and personalises teaching courses for each student. Her teaching style is kind and natural, profound and simple, grateful and humble, patient and caring. She hopes that every student has something to gain from her classes, including health and happiness.

Soya Yang's Classes