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Maisie Ren

Maisie Ren

BJ WF Central, Beijing, Hong Kong


Maisie first practised yoga upon graduating from college in 2013 after experiencing a waist injury from her many years of a career in dancing. She realised that yoga was different from dancing in its benefits to her body. She alleviated the pain in her waist by practising yoga and became determined to switch from a dance teacher to a yoga teacher, thereafter completing a 200-hour teacher training in 2015. In the course, Maisie was impressed by Vincent's yoga teaching – not only his practical and rigorous style, but also his magical ability to soothe the soul. He respected everyone’s individual differences and emphasised breathing as a connection between movement and consciousness. His practice was rich and mellow. Every student experienced integration with Vincent’s keen insight and spiritual support combined with compassionate care, leading them step by step into subtle awareness. This deep and broad vision triggered Maisie’s motivation to explore, and she gained an unprecedented sense of self-reflection and awakening. In Maisie's class, you may find a gentle stretch, a flow of breath, a dynamic challenge, fun and flexible physical mobilisation to work. She refuses to be boring, and she focuses on the combination of breathing and body style. After personally seeing improvement in her injury with yoga, she pays special attention to safety in her teaching. Yoga has brought Maisie more humility and wisdom and constantly helps her students to feel peace, health and love. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS • 200-Hour Universal Yoga Teacher Training with Andrey Lappa • Shiva Rea Prana Flow Heart Wheel Energy Workshop • Tymi Howard Yin Yoga In-depth Workshop • Vincent Yoga Therapy Workshop • Body Fly Level 1 Teacher Training • 100-Hour Ashtanga Teacher Training • 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training • 10-Hour Yin Yoga Intensive Workshop with Tymi in Beijing, 2018 • Prana Flow Heart Wheel Energy Workshop with Shiva Rea in Beijing, 2018 • TT FLY Station 18-Hour Aerial Dance LV1 in Beijing, 2017 • TT FLY Station 18-Hour Aerial Dance LV2 in Beijing, 2017 • Physiotherapy Teacher Training with Vincent in Beijing, 2017 • 40-Hour Motherhood Yoga Teacher Training with Wang Xin in Beijing, 2017 • Bodyfly Workshop with Eva in Beijing, 2017 • 320-Hour of Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, Flow Yoga, Hot Yoga RYS in Hubei, 2016 • 200-Hour of Hatha Yoga RYS in Beijing, 2015 What Maisie teaches • Aerial Yoga • Core • Hatha • Healing • Hot • Prenatal • Universal Yoga • Vinyasa • Wall Rope Yoga • Yin • Yin Yang • Yoga Therapy