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Lilian Lei

Lilian Lei

SH iapm mall, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Born in Hunan, Lilian started studying musicals in her teens and bonded with yoga occasionally. She has always been a simple and happy yogi, from the first class with sweat dripping to later challenging herself with difficult asanas. No matter what the yoga style, she feels inner happiness after classes. Curiosity told her that Yoga is a beautiful thing - something she should keep on exploring, enjoying, and passing on the beauty in her own way. Graduating from the Shanghai Theater Academy with professional musical study in 1998 gave Lilian a better understanding of how to use her body and control her rhythm of breathing. Combined with her Broadway Jazz teaching experience from 2002 and yoga teaching experience from 2006, she has a flair for expressiveness and sharing her feelings in every practice. Lilian was very lucky that many mentors helped her during her yoga study. She felt that yoga had already been integrated into her body, her life, especially between every inhale and exhale. After the birth of her son, Lilian noticed that she became stiffer and heavier and her core strength had diminished. So she started Pilates and Iyengar yoga, gradually noticing her body's improvement day by day. Now she is delighted to share her experiences, as well as her simple and happy heart with everyone. QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONSYoga Alliance Teacher Training 200 Hours, 2006 Inspya Yoga /Yoga Alliance Teacher Training 320-Hour Anusara Yoga Workshop, 2009 Ana Forrest Yoga Workshop, 2011 Anatomy for Movement Iyengar Yoga Therapeutic, 2012 Polestar Pilates Studio1.2.3, 2013 Iyengar Yoga, 2014-2017 Mindfulness and Meditation for Conscious Youth Teacher Training 50 Hours, 2017

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