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Hsin-an Hou

Hsin-an Hou

BJ China Central Place, Beijing, Hong Kong


Inspired by his mother, who is also a yoga teacher, Hsin-an first stepped on the yoga mat in 2010. The regularity and intensity required in Ashtanga practice has improved his self-discipline, stamina, willpower, and his health. In order to learn Ashtanga at its source, Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois Yoga Institute (KPJAYI), he set off for Mysore, India in the same year. Since then, he returns to KPJAYI annually to study with his teacher, Sharath Jois. Sharath's teaching has influenced him deeply in many aspects in life. He realised that asana is only a tool that we use to train our body and mind, so that we keep our body healthy and our mind calm despite the turbulence in the outside world. Hsin-an is dedicated to teach Ashtanga in the tradition of Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois. He teaches Mysore style and led classes using the traditional vinyasa counting method in Sanskrit. His teaching style reflects his calm and down-to-earth personality, making students feel safe and grounded in his classes. Through regular yoga practice, he encourage students to face their true self, eventually become courageous and independent in the pursuit of their own yoga journey. Qualifications and Certifications • Authorised Level 2, Sharath Jois, KPJAYI, 2014 What Hsin-an teaches • Advanced • Ashtanga • Hot • Mysore • Vinyasa • Yin • Yin Yang