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Deva Biswas

Deva Biswas

Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong


After winning the Champion of Champions in all India Yoga Competition 1987 – the highest honour in the competition field – he became a popular spokesperson in public medias, sharing his philosophy and acting as a renowned judge for many national and international Yoga competitions. He is deeply influenced by closely assisting his Guru Sri Sri Ravishsnkar and is greatly inspired by his teachers Mr. Universe Monotosh Roy, Mr. Nabin Chandra Das and the Noble Lorette Her Holiness Mother Teresa. Deva has further developed the therapeutic aspect of his yoga knowledge by obtaining a Yoga Therapy diploma and starting Oriental Yoga Gym (1989), his own yoga clinic for people with chronic and psychosomatic issues. Through a one-to-one personal prescription of a well-rounded yoga practice, Deva has rejuvenated and transformed thousands of patients. He started his teaching career in India since 1983 and in Hong Kong since 2003 and was committed to bringing his practical knowledge of traditional Yoga to a modern city. Deva believes there is no right, wrong, good or bad in a Yoga practice. Rather, one learns from step one and continues learning to unlimited levels of progress through regular practice in his classes. His experience on judging panels has cultivated his astute eyes for body adjustments, thus enabling him to take one's Yoga potential to new heights. His classes also offer the skills of teaching (how to handle different levels of practitioners according to their physical, mental and psychological ability), the therapeutic benefits of Yoga. Join his workshops, outdoor practices and Yoga retreats to experience how a real Yogi lives and the true meaning of practising Yoga. Deva's goal is to inspire his students to truly realise the art of being mindful, stay connected with the universe and reach the ultimate stage of life growth. Qualification Highlights • Felicitated by Asian Yogasana Sports Federation, Karnal, India 2018 • Felicitated by Yoga Society of Kashmir, Jammu, India, 2017 • Felicitated by Yoga Culture Association of Gujarat, India, 2015 • Felicitated by Global Yoga Alliance, Delhi, India, 2014 • YOGA VISHARAD award given by Yoga Niketan, Silchar, Assam, India, 2012 • Employee Award from PURE YOGA INTERNATIONAL, Hong Kong, 2011 • Founder of Working President of Hongkong Yoga Federation, 2008 - present •Director of Deva's Foundation for Yoga Culture International, 2008 - present • 'YOGA LOVERS AWARD' given by Sarkar Yoga Academy, Jamshedpur, India, 2008 • 'YOGA SAGAR' (contributions in Yoga field) award given by Utkal Samaj and Bharat Yoga Kendra, Puri, Orissa, 2007 • 'DRONACHARYAY' (contributions in Yoga field) award given by National Ynstitute of Yoga, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, 2006 • Personal Training Certificate in Pilates for Yoga, Planet Yoga, Hong Kong, 2005 • Founder & President of Bengal Yoga Judges' Assembly, West Bengal, India, 2003 • International Yoga Judge. Recognised by Yoga Federation of India, 1999 - present • 'YOGA SPOTS AWARD' given by Byayam Charcha Patrika, Calcutta, 1995 • Founder & member of Yoga Physique Federation of India, 1994-95 • Diploma in Therapeutic Yoga and Massage from Swami Santadas Yogic College, Kolkata, India, 1992 • Founder & Secretary of Yoga Physique Association of Hooghly, West Bengal, India, 1990-95 • Founder & Director of Oriental Yoga Gym, Bhadreswar, Hooghly, West Bengal, India, 1989 - present • Gold Medal in National Yoga Championship, 1988-1999 • Certificate in Yoga Coaches Training, Kolkata, India, 1988 • Champion of Champions in All India Yoga Competition, 1987 • First-class Yoga Diploma holder from Ghosh's College of Physical Education (Indo Japanese Association), Kolkata, India, 1985 What Deva teaches • Hatha • Healing • Hot • Pranayama & Meditation • Yoga Nidra • Yoga Therapy