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Jojo Zhong

Jojo Zhong

BJ China Central Place, Beijing, Hong Kong


In her younger years, Jojo was troubled by sub health issues and spinal pain. After completing her college internship in 2013, she went into yoga and gradually improved her health. With this experience, she felt that yoga was a science that advocates for an ideal lifestyle and from then on, she firmly established her direction. Jojo has always carried a learning mentality and is grateful to the teachers who appeared at each stage of learning. On the path of yoga practice and teaching, she was deeply influenced by Chuck Miller and Maty Ezaety, and with their guidance, she felt the inclusive wisdom of combining hardness and softness in yoga, balancing everything she encountered. She believes that by integrating Asana postures and Pranayama breathing control, everyone can understand the logic of the human body and the significance of Asanas, which can be integrated into yoga teaching. During this period, through regular Ashtanga practice, she experienced this way of life. Jojo also believes that once integrated into everyone’s daily lives, yoga will exert magical effects; purifying the body, spirit, emotions, soul, and all aspects of yoga. Using the eight branches of yoga as the cornerstone to balance development, people can discover the infinite possibilities. Jojo's teaching is adept at using the concept of breathing to lead alignment in every pose. She hopes to guide practitioners to enjoy self-practice while also benefitting both physically and mentally. Jojo focuses on exploring and sharing yoga wisdom with her students. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS 2019 – Ashtanga TTC Certification, Chuck Miller (200 hours) 2017 – RYS certification, Yoga Alliance (520 hours) 2017 – RYT Certification, Yoga Alliance (200 hours) 2014 – Senior Yoga Mentor Certification, Asia Pacific International Yoga Association