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Mindy Wu

Mindy Wu

Jing An Kerry Centre, Shanghai, Hong Kong


From her love of art and singing since her childhood, Mindy has always had a special connection to beautiful sounds. Mindy came across the Schumann Resonance and realised that everything in the world is based on vibration. Combined with her study of the philosophy of Buddhism, she understands that everything originates from sound and light. She felt like the sound of the universe called to her, bringing her into the realm of music. With this, she began her role as a student and practised and learned the art of sound healing around the world. She combines concepts from music, psychology, traditional Chinese medicine and mindfulness meditation to develop a holistic understanding of musical healing. From private concert halls to cross-border cooperations with artists and various corporate brands, she gradually started teaching in mainstream organisations. Mindy's teaching combines various professional knowledge to assist her healing classes. She has also begun training, with the approval of her mentor, to train more talented people to enter the family of holistic resonance music healing and to help more people. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS 2018 – Internationally Certified Sound Healing Artist 2018 – Senior Gong Master