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Tim Luo

Tim Luo

SH Taikoo Hui, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Quiet by nature, Tim prefers to feel inner peace between inhales and exhales rather than intense exercise. His path to yoga began from his mum’s influence and having practised it for a long period of time, it has improved his concentration and level of awareness. Tim likes to incorporate this into his teaching, focusing on the foundation and right form of yoga asanas during his yoga teaching, as well as practising safely and efficiently. With this, Tim believes everyone can explore awareness of our inner-self and discover our most true self. Tim is very grateful to Mr. Beck and the many other teachers for guiding him on his yoga path. Tim believes that yoga is the connection of mind, breath and body and we can look into our inner self through the practice of yoga asanas. He hopes that more people can feel a stable and relaxed mood in their daily lives and enjoy the joy and grace from yoga. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS • RYT – Teacher Training (200 hours) • Rocket Yoga Teacher Training (100 hours) • Advanced Flow Yoga Teacher Training (240 hours) • Flow Yoga Teacher Training (100 hours) What Tim teaches • Core • Hatha • Rocket Yoga • Yin • Yin Yang

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