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Elsa Zhang

Elsa Zhang

SH Plaza 66, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Having worked as a brand manager in the FMCG industry, Elsa felt that in addition to accumulating knowledge and experience, her heart told her that there are other possibilities in life waiting for her. Elsa has always been very interested in the field of physical and mental health and she has continued to participate in many activities. As a result, she started to learn more about mindfulness meditation, sound therapy, yoga practice, and yoga philosophy. She gradually started exploring a new path by following her intuition. After completing primary and intermediate sound therapist training in early 2022, she followed two teachers to further improve and get to know the essence of this practice. Elsa knows that the occurrence of healing needs to be based on both the awareness of the heart and technique. Every practice is an opportunity for deep self-exploration and self-healing. In her perspective, having a harmonious order and frequency on the inside is the first thing for sound therapists, and only in this way can the sound healing instrument be effective for people to achieve inner stability and harmony. QUALIFCATIONS & CERTIFCATIONS 2023 – Himalayan Singing Bowls and Crystal Singing Bowls Training with Chengxin Chai 2023 – Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hours) 2022 – Integrated Sound Therapist Training 2022 – Sound Therapist Training Workshop with Koshu Elsa 教授的项目