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Marie Xu

Marie Xu

SH Xintiandi, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Marie has practised and taught yoga since 2008 and believes that exploring the inner self through meditation and yoga practice is one of the best self-healing methods. In 2016, Marie came across singing bowls and sound therapy and became very interested in sound therapy. From then on, Marie began to use sound therapy to assist her meditation classes and wanted to spread a healthy lifestyle, take care of people around her with nature music, meditation and yoga practice. Marie is constantly learning new content, integrating various sound therapy instruments to design courses while incorporating mindfulness meditation. Psychology and hypnosis techniques are integrated into her courses and she also presents several case study experiences in introducing sound therapy. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS Yoga Education 2019 – Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hours) 2018 – Registered Mindfulness Yoga Teacher for Kids (100 hours) 2018 – Registered Breathing Meditation Teacher (50 hours) Other Studies 2022 – Advanced Gong Therapist 2016 – Sound Healing Mentor Training Marie 教授的项目