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Rui Liu

Rui Liu

SH Taikoo Hui, Shanghai, Hong Kong


Rui has a professional dance background of more than 20 years. He remembers his first yoga class as a dancer, he felt that he needed to complete a warm-up class but did not expect that there would be a lot of emotional ups and downs in his heart after that class. Rui attended yoga once a week and felt completely immersed in his own world. After practicing yoga, he felt the stretch all over his body, which is memorable till this day. Rui practiced yoga with Scottie and learned peace and stability of the mind and found the right position while practising safely. It expanded his vision and explored various exercises from a teaching perspective. He also practices Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers and has a keen interest in meditation and meridians healing of traditional Chinese medicine. He also studies deeply and continuously to achieve physical and mental focus and connection, and this extends to every part of his life – using the power of physical and mental unity. Rui's teaching style focuses on the position of the body and the beauty of dance. He has the temperament and rigour of a dancer but has a lively and humorous personality. In addition, Rui hopes to find internal and external life energy in the practice process, to create infinite space for the body, and feel peace within himself in the present moment. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS 2022 – RYT Vinyasa (200 hours) 2022 – Sarah Powers, Primary Level, Insight Yoga Teacher Training Intensive (40 hours) 2019 – Yoga Sculpt, SPACE 2018 – Xtend Barre 美国瑜珈联盟 RYT 200小时 Yinyasa 认证老师 2022 Sarah Powers 40-Hour Primary Level Insight Yoga Teacher Training Intensive 2022 美国瑜珈联盟 RYT 20 小时 Wheel Mobility 认证老师2021 SPACE Sculpt Yoga 认证老师 2019 美国 Xtend Barre 认证老师 2018 Rui 教授的项目

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