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Joyce Fan

Joyce Fan

Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong


Joyce started practicing yoga in 2013 when she wanted to incorporate gentle physical activity into her daily routine. Little did she know that it would change her life. Despite having no dance or gymnastics background, Joyce was surprised that she was able to do her first splits as an adult and even invert her body. Apart from the physical benefits, yoga has also greatly benefitted her mind. It has taught Joyce to work hard, stay calm while letting go of the need for a particular outcome. Joyce is forever grateful to have had the opportunity to study with many profound teachers. She took her first teacher training with Samrat Dasgupta, who opened her eyes to the world of yoga. With his guidance, her practice improved tremendously. Joyce is also greatly inspired by Jason Crandell, her advanced teacher training instructor. His knowledge of anatomy sparked a passion in Joyce and inspired her to balance the length and strength of her muscles. Additionally, Joyce is deeply thankful for her mentor, Edward Chow, who selflessly shares his practice. From Edward, she learned not only how to strike a pose but also how to focus on alignment, breath, and mindfulness in every single pose. Joyce believes that everyone can benefit from practising yoga, whether it is for the mind, body, or both. Her teaching focuses on safety, alignment, and breath. She believes it is essential to work on both flexibility and strength for a healthy body. She feels empowered to share her practice with students for them to discover their full potential. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS • 2022 – Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Jason Crandell (300 hours) • 2020 – Myofascial Release Yoga Teacher Training (30 hours) • 2018 – Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Teacher Training with Jean Byrne and Michelle Papa (100 hours) 2• 017 – Yoga Teacher Training with Samrat Dasgupta (200 hours) What Joyce teaches Hatha Healing Hot Vinyasa Yin Yang Yoga Therapy