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Patrick Goh

Patrick Goh

Fitness - Asia Square, Marina Bay, Singapore


Wei Kit has always had an active, energetic and playful disposition. He has participated in a wide variety of sports, including track and field hockey, basketball, tchoukball, dragon boat racing, and rock climbing. Wei Kit discovered dragon boats at 17 years old, when the school hosted an event to introduce students to various sports. At that point, he decided to dedicate more time to researching and studying about strength training and cardio. One of his seniors suggested that he try powerlifting as a form of training because dragon boat races tend to be shorter and demand a lot of strength in a short amount of time. He developed a solid perspective on strength training thanks to this method. For four years, he participated in club-level dragon boat competitions. When Wei Kit's fitness was improving the most, he experienced a major setback. During one of his national service exercises, he tore both ligaments in his left ankle. He had to undergo surgery on his ankle and the recovery time was around 7 months. Unfortunately, his unfortunate circumstances didn't end there; after pushing himself too hard to regain his fitness level, Wei Kit suffered a compensation tear in his right ankle and needed another operation; this time, it took him around 8 months to walk and move freely again. To recover from these two operations, Wei Kit studied injury prevention and musculoskeletal mechanics. As a result, his outlook on physical health and exercise has shifted. Currently, his view on fitness is more comprehensive. When we talk about fitness, we can't just focus on strength and speed. As part of his role as a trainer, Wei Kit enjoys explaining the benefits of specific exercises and explaining why he uses them. He adapts his approach of communication and motivation based on the nature of the client he is working with. When working with individuals who are new to the gym and perhaps a little less assured, he takes extra care to reassure and support them. The approach to communicating with clients who have more self-assurance and experience is to push them to their limits and present them with challenges. Qualification Highlights: • Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning • NCSF CPT Certified • Core Balance Stretch Certified, Dr Stretch • Advance Sports Massage Certified, Vital Motion Fitness Final Thought: Approach every training with purpose and intention! What Wei Kit Trains • Stretch & Recovery • Strongman/ Strength Sport