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Rishi Chaudhari

Rishi Chaudhari

Millennium City 5, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


Rishi began his yoga journey at the age of 12 under the guidance of his physical education teacher during an extracurricular activity at school. Practising different types of yoga poses piqued his interest in yoga, paving the path to his current role as a professionally qualified and well-experienced instructor. He was offered the chance to teach yoga to prisoners in jails as part of a programme organised by the Bihar School of Yoga where he studied. While pursuing his bachelor's degree in commerce, he started teaching yoga to paralysed patients in the hospital as a yoga therapist. He also conducted various yoga camps for NCC students at college. When he was 22, Rishi became a full-time yoga instructor at Planet Yoga in Bangkok, Thailand. That was followed by a short period of teaching at a reputable yoga centre in Singapore and Malaysia before he relocated to Hong Kong. His Hong Kong teaching career began at Anahata Yoga, where he taught pranayama mudra and bandha teacher training modules. He then worked at Physical Fitness & Yoga as a Senior Yoga Teacher for over six years. Rishi encourages his students to work with their physical and mental limitations through his customised sequences, alignments, and hands-on direction. This enables students to gain a deeper understanding of yogic techniques in their own practice whilst exploring and rediscovering their innate strength, endurance, and range of motion. Yoga aims to attain harmony between the body and mind. Rishi creates classes that are suitable for beginners to experienced practitioners so that all bodies and minds can find this joyful balance. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS Yoga Pravesh – Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Nashik, India, 2007 Yogic Studies – Bihar School of Yoga in Munger, India, 2008 What Rishi teaches Hatha HotPranayama & Meditation Sivananda Yin Yang Yoga Nidra Yoga Therapy