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Vijay Pandey

Vijay Pandey

BJ WF Central, Beijing, Hong Kong


Vijay Pandey – YOGA BIO 瑜伽是一种倡导正确生活方式的科学,当它融入 到我们的日常生活之中,瑜伽就会发挥效用。瑜 伽适用于人的身体、精神、情感、心灵和灵魂各个层面。「瑜伽」这个词,意为「统一」或「一体」, 源于印度梵语单词「yuj」 ,直译就是「融入」。 Vijay在现代瑜伽发源地印度出生、成长, 自然而然地得到印度诸多杰出瑜伽大师的指点。 此后,他决心专注于研究不同的瑜伽流派,从而进一步拓展他的修行。瑜伽不是强调竞争或旨在获得奖品的运动,而是遵循古印度自我觉醒理念的一套科学修行方法。超过20年的时间里,他一直在不间断地练习和学习。他经常参加全球各 地的瑜伽研讨会,来分享他的学识。 2004年,Vijay在印度的瑞诗凯诗的帕坦伽利国际瑜伽基地,接受了500小时的瑜伽老师培训课程;于2006年,在印度班加罗尔市的辨喜瑜伽大学接受了瑜伽老师培训课程。这一研究生课程是由世界著名的凯瓦勒亚达玛瑜伽学院授予的,学院位于印度浦那市的罗那瓦拉。这是一学年的课程,只颁发给研究生。瑜伽研究生,2009 年毕业于凯瓦勒亚达玛 瑜伽学院。 Yoga is a science that advocates a correct way of life. When it is integrated into our daily life, yoga will play a role. Yoga is applicable to all levels of a person’s body, spirit, emotion and soul. The word "yoga", which means "unity" or "one body", is derived from the Sanskrit word "yuj", which literally translates to "integration". Vijay was born and raised in India, the motherland of modern yoga, and quite naturally came under the guidance of many outstanding Indian yoga masters. He decided to focus on researching different areas of yoga to further his practice. Vijay has been practising and studying yoga uninterruptedly for over 20 years, having frequently participated in yoga conferences around the globe to serve and share his knowledge. In 2004, Vijay received a 500-hour yoga teacher training course at the Patangali International Yoga Base in Rishikashi, India. In 2006, he received a yoga teacher training course at the Bian Xi Yoga University in Bangalore, India. A one-year course only awarded to graduate students, this postgraduate course was awarded by the world famous Kewal Adama Yoga Institute, which is in Lunawara, Pune, India. Vijay is also a graduate student of yoga from Yadama Yoga Institute in Kewale in 2009. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS • Uttrakhand Sanskrit梵语大学获得瑜伽科学 硕士学位,印度Rishikesh Hardwar,2018-2020年 • 美国“E-RYT 200”证书,2017年 • 机构认证的注册瑜珈教师证书,2015年 • 美国瑜珈联盟200小时的注册瑜 珈教师的课程,2014 年 • 与瑜伽大师艾扬格练习瑜伽,2009年4月10-20日 • Masters in Yoga Science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University, Rishikesh Hardwar, 2020 • E-RYT 200 from Yoga Alliance, 2017 • Accredited Institution Yoga Teacher Certificate, 2015 • RYT-200, Registered Yoga Teacher Course from Yoga Alliance, 2014 • Postgraduate Diploma in Yoga Education from Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla, 2009 • Practised with Guruji BKS Iyengar Pune from April 2009-October 2009 • Bachelor of Arts, 2008 • Yoga Teacher Training Course, Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, India, 2006 • 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, Patanjali International Yoga Foundation, Rishikesh, 2004