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Jonah Kest

Jonah Kest

Asia Square Tower 2, Marina Bay, Singapore


Jonah Kest was born into a yoga legacy. With his father, Vinyasa Yoga pioneer Jonny Kest, and his mother, Milla Kest, as one of the first yoga business owners and yoga teacher training programs in the Midwest, USA – he was destined to follow the Yogic path. At the age of three, Jonah was already walking the yoga room with his dad. Shortly thereafter he began to learn the importance of daily practice and evening meditation. While his early interests included basketball, boxing and running track, it became very clear that strength without flexibility would be a hard path. His breath became the very partner that he sought in every activity, every relationship, every moment. Enter Ashtanga Yoga. At 17, Jonah trained under his father to become a teacher. His passion and grace were evident. His equanimity was strengthened by daily meditation and it was a natural evolution to teach. Today, Jonah is a well-traveled ashtanga/vinyasa teacher whose classes are both graceful and intense. Impermanence, compassion, and humility are just a few of the elements that Jonah seamlessly weaves through each healing practice. His plant-based diet and love for creating raw, rich, vegan meals has also become a passion and healing modality.