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Yu Ting Tay

Yu Ting Tay

Ngee Ann City, Orchard Road, Singapore


Yu Ting began weight training at the gym in 2017 after deciding to change her life positively by shifting lifestyles. This was the first step in her journey to becoming stronger, more disciplined, and more confident. She remembers how intimidating and embarrassing it could be to be a beginner in a new environment without guidance. Yu Ting made a significant effort to attain a toned and fit figure after learning the appropriate fitness knowledge and techniques. She added that going to the gym had made her feel more confident and stronger. This inspired her to pursue a career as a personal trainer, where she will be well-equipped to assist others in getting started. She aspires to provide a welcoming and empowering environment for people who want to achieve their fitness goals but are unsure where to begin. Her approach to training is to help clients understand the fundamentals and realise that achieving any fitness goal is often easier than most people perceive. Yu Ting's personal fitness philosophy is to take a long-term and well-rounded approach. She understands the fluctuating moods that one can experience during the fitness journey, having gone through restrictive diets that backfired and busy periods with little to no workout sessions. Fitness is a path to enjoy and better understand yourself, not a linear progression. Yu Ting's motivation for becoming a trainer stem from her desire to help anyone who wants to get fitter and stronger. She has experienced the renewed confidence and improved quality of life that a healthy lifestyle can provide, and she hopes to help others take the first step in a way that will alleviate their fears and teach them to enjoy working out. Yu Ting can be found working on her flexibility and hopping between exciting activities such as Pilates, yoga, aerial arts, figure skating, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and longboarding when she is not weight training. Qualification Highlights •American Council of Exercise – Certified Personal Trainer •CPR & AED Certified Final Thought •The best workout routine is the one that you will enjoy. What Yu Ting Trains •Gymnastic Movement •Metabolic Specialist (weight loss/gain)